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Construction Cost Estimation

A detailed construction cost estimation is necessary for predicting the cost of any facility or structure under construction. It is an important part of the overall cost management for the builder, as well as necessary for budget adherence.

Different Types of Construction Cost Estimates

Historically, most construction cost estimates had been either organized via architects, contractors, or other professional estimating firms. Although numerous unique factors are viewed while forming a detailed construction cost estimate, they usually are of the following three sorts.

Design Estimates
  • Design Estimates
  • Screening estimates
  • Engineer's estimates (based on specifications and architectural plans).
  • Preliminary cost estimates
Control Estimates
  • Budget cost estimate for financing purposes.
  • Budgeted value after assigning to contractor but earlier than construction.
  • The estimated value of completion is all through ongoing construction.

Bid Estimates
  • Generally submitted by the contractor/builder/owner for bidding or negotiation.
The Requirement for Construction Cost Estimation Services

As new project delivery techniques for development continue to evolve, Our rather respected Company has forayed into construction cost estimation services. Our organization has the capability and the trip to provide the following services, amongst others.

  • Building Cost Estimation.
  • Residential Construction Cost Estimation.
  • To estimate project building budgets.
  • To establish financing requirements.
  • To set up benchmarks for a construction bid.
  • Establish whether a proposed new construction layout is worthwhile or not.